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FHS Legacy Corporation is a privately held think tank and holdings company. We specialize in innovating intellectual properties (IPs) designed to appeal to "mainstream" consumers worldwide. FHS Legacy forges alliances with partners to take the IPs through their production and marketing cycles. Our primary focus is the entertainment industry; and we have secondary targets, as our technology innovations have applications for multiple industries. As well as engaging industry-leading partners, FHS organizes and manages special purpose companies to manifest key product strategies. It is a new world - and the primary driver of change is a trend known as Media Convergence, where technologies merge and new media formats emerge as a result. FHS is at the crest of this great wave, with customized entertainment content, original technologies and new business models. All for the purpose of telling the world better stories.
Our late Chairman & CEO, Pedro Dupuy, formed FHS in 2001 to begin creating a legacy of entertainment for this and future generations. Mr. Dupuy shared with his co-founders the belief that storytelling is a "basic need" industry. For it is through stories that the world reflects on itself and envisions growth. Through entertainment, the world is refreshed and empowered. Now a $1.1 Trillion dollar industry, entertainment has proven historically to be evergreen -- thriving even during depressed economic conditions. And its global influence is predicated on how effectively a story is told. Stories are embodied in thousands of commercial forms, from film, television and live theatre, to toys, games, books and music; even fashion and e-commerce can tell us a story of our lives and lifestyles.
When strategically conceived, a single story idea becomes a platform for countless consumer products. For example, in 2006 FHS formed its first affiliate sub-company, Vergence Entertainment LLC, to further this multi-media licensing strategy -- developing key IPs that are transferred from FHS and executing them across various media platforms.

FHS Legacy is the by-product of time tested entertainment values married with cutting edge media and technology trends. This combination is reflected in its founding "inventrepreneurs": our late Chairman & CEO, Pedro Dupuy, an entertainment industry veteran who appears in various Who's Who publications for over 50 years of global stage, studio and screen work; and co-founders Robert J. Feeney, Jeff E. Haas and B. Wayne Barkley who drive leading-edge strategies and creative affairs, bringing experience from CBS, Universal TV and Walt Disney Pictures. Further still, this marriage of "Old" Media with "New" Media is exemplified in the company's original entertainment properties, Ringorang™ and Pipsquakz™, which combine traditional TV formats with our interactive technologies, R-TIME™ and Harmonics Technology™, also originated by FHS. The company's affiliate, Vergence Entertainment, is now driving the marketing of Ringorang® with the expert participation of luminaries in applicable entertainment and technology fields. The team brings experience from past successes with a range of technology firms such as Oracle, Egghead Software, SkyTel, Mobileway, Adelphia, Ericsson, NVIDIA, Future TV, Interactive TV Systems, Honeywell, McDonnell Douglas; and from top entertainment companies such as Disney Feature Animation, Mattel, Hasbro, AOL, Nintendo, Warner Bros, Saban, MGM/UA studios, NBC, VHI and E! Entertainment.

FHS was initially seeded with over $2 Million by its directors, officers and a select group of private investors. The company currently applies its efforts and resources evenly between managing Vergence Entertainment and developing dozens of original IPs in television, toys, games, music, interactive technologies, motion pictures and more.

FHS Legacy Corporation embraces the next generation of media, with new entertainment concepts, technologies and business models - all for the purpose of telling the world's stories, inspiring healthy communication, impactful entertainment and balanced global commerce. This is mainstream media with a mission. Enter your email address in the "Get Updates" box above to receive updates on our innovations for the new millennium.