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B. Wayne "BW" Barkley is a co-founder of FHS Legacy Corporation and its Chief Strategic Finance Officer. He manages Investor Relations for both FHS and its affiliate company, Vergence Entertainment LLC. Since its inception, BW has served FHS in such diverse functions as patent and trademark diligence, research and development and leading various private investment offerings to completion. He is also a key originator of the patented technology Ringorang™ that is currently being brought to market through Vergence.

BW combines a aggressive management style with an uncommonly seasoned standard of excellence. He attributes his enterprising spirit to his roots in the Heartland. Growing up, he worked for the successful family construction company, Barkley Concrete, an award-winning contractor for the City of Wichita. The City is also known as an entrepreneurial haven, where BW has drawn the financial interest of renowned CEOs of various industries, including restaurant and theatre chains and oil/gas, to participate in FHS' expanding developments in entertainment media.

Mr. Barkley has resided in Southern California for the past 19 years.

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