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Jeff Haas is a co-founder of FHS Legacy Corporation. He heads the company's innovation initiatives, focusing on advancing the company's capacity as a cutting-edge creator of media entertainment. Mr. Haas' ability to envision new concepts and systems has proven to be a valuable asset to the company as it expands in New Media.

Mr. Haas leverages his affinity for inventive art and technologies with experience in high-intensity workflow management. He brings departmental management experience from high-volume food service corporations such as Whole Foods Markets and Mi PiacÚ Restaurants of Southern California. In addition to his business experience, Mr. Haas has inspired or enhanced a number of FHS' current intellectual properties which include innovations in various entertainment media.

Jeff Haas relocated from his hometown of Chicago to Glendale, California. After attending Glendale College, he studied acting in Hollywood and, upon meeting Pedro Dupuy (FHS' late founding Chairman & CEO), devoted his future to building FHS for the betterment of the art and industry of entertainment.

Mr. Haas has resided in Southern California for the past 27 years.

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